[Ovmsdev] CFG commands on RT_Production

Julien NOZAIS julien.nozais at ext.uni.lu
Tue Sep 23 22:40:10 HKT 2014

Hi Michael,

> The Github hex files are missing the SEVCON functions. You need to download the latest hex release from the german forum or compile yourself.

thank you for the clarification. I was not sure what functionnalities were covered by that hex file. I wanted to be able to build the hex on my own since I'll need to make some changes to the code during my project.

> To compile yourself you need to define these (and only these) compiler flags:
> [..]
> ...and you need to manually exclude source files "acc.c", "logging.c" and all other "vehicle*.c" from the build

I have removed the "-DOVMS_LOGGINGMODULE" option in the makefile and added "OVMS_TWIZY_BATTMON" and "OVMS_TWIZY_CFG". The other compiler flags were already present so there was no need to add them. (I was I confused at first because I added "#define" for the whole list of compiler flags in "ovms.def", and it didn't turn out well).
I have excluded "acc.c" and "logging.c" from the build, but I have kept "vehicle.c", "vehicle_none.c" and "vehicle_twizy.c" as I assumed they were necessary.
I don't have compilation errors any more, so I guess I didn't do everything wrong. :)
I will now flash the module and test if the CFG commands work.

> Be sure to also disable any flow control. Depending on your serial adapter, another parameter init and/or hardware reconnect may be necessary. Also make sure your serial device is writable by your login, to be sure launch minicom as root.

Thank you for the suggestions, I am going to explore all possibilities. I have already tried logging in root, and I sudo all the time, but unfortunately that didn't help. I will look into any parameters specific to my hardware and maybe try with a different computer / cable / terminal.

I'll keep you posted on any advance I make.

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