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J-C Saint-Pô jcsaintpo at gmail.com
Thu May 22 03:29:46 HKT 2014

Maybe people use their ovms usercode to write changes & comments to ocm to
an cooperationg ovms server
This server writes the changes & comments to ocm as "OVMS-user-submitted"
Maybe give ovms users possibility to choose to submit directly to ocm for
submitting more ample info
And use the "via-ovms" for basic changes or submissions
All will depend on how much load you want on the ovms-server

(suggestion submited by someone who only knows the basics on computers &
co) ;-)
Kind greets

2014-05-21 19:04 GMT+02:00 Lee Howard <lee.howard at mainpine.com>:

> Hello Mark, Chris, and other OVMS users and developers...
> I am happy with all of Mark's outline with only one point for debate.
> Admittedly, I am new to OpenChargeMap API and OVMS programming, and so
> maybe I simply don't understand how things work, but...
> As the OVMS server will be performing the OpenChargeMap API on behalf of
> the partner instead of the portable app performing the OpenChargeMap API
> (more-directly in the control of the partner)... is it really necessary for
> the OVMS server to masquerade as the partner... using their identity for
> authentication with OpenChargeMap?
> I'd prefer to avoid requiring the user to set-up an independent account
> with OpenChargeMap and then permit OVMS to operate on behalf of that
> newly-created account. Could not the OVMS server simply use its own account
> (for everyone) and simply provide an information field about the
> identification of the OVMS user?
> My primary interest here is in making it as simple as possible for the
> OVMS user to opt-in. Requiring them to sign up with OpenChargeMap and
> provide a PIN or key from the account is an additional step that will prove
> to be a barrier for users that are willing to opt-in as long as it is
> merely as easy as a button-press.
> Thanks,
> Lee.
> On 05/21/2014 04:12 AM, Christopher Cook wrote:
>> ....[snip]....
>> One option I'm pondering is for apps to be able to request the OCM
>> Session Token just by supplying a PIN code and Username to the API, the
>> user would need to go to the OCM website to generate the pin code (and
>> conform the expected Username for it to work) probably by starting a
>> certain OCM url with an API Key specific to OVMS.
>> ....[/snip]....
>> On 21/05/2014 15:23, Kevin Sharpe wrote:
>>> FYI, I’ve asked Lee Howard from Mainpine to take a look at this in
>>> detail.
>>> Kevin Sharpe | Founder & Patron | Zero Carbon World is a UK Registered
>>> Charity #1141347
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>>> Subject: Re: [Ovmsdev] Open Charge Map
>>> Here is an email with a proposal / suggest I sent out last year. This
>>> would be wonderful to do, just limited resources to do it with.
>>> ....[snip]....
>>>     The server will maintain a database of partners, and their API
>>>     access keys. This database should allow for PUSH messages (via
>>>     HTTP) to the partner. If PUSH is enabled, every time a charging
>>>     session is updated (either started or completed), the server will
>>>     connect to each partner (in randomised order) and send them the
>>>     information for recent charges. The server will also provide an
>>>     API to allow partners to PULL messages past a certain date/time
>>>     stamp (to allow for periodic synchronisation).
>>>     _*Partners*_
>>>     Partners would just have to subscribe to the system (signing up
>>>     with a user account and being given an API key). They would have
>>>     to agree to the license terms, but other than that there would be
>>>     no restrictions to partnership.
>>>     ....[snip]....
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