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Christopher Cook christopher.cook at webprofusion.com
Thu May 22 10:20:44 HKT 2014

Hi All,

To be clear, there is no concrete requirement (from the OCM perspective) 
for OVMS to use the OCM API to checkin nor for OVMS to authenticate/link 
OCM users - it's just something that could be done if desired. As J-C 
suggests the checkin can appear anonymously as 'An OVMS User'. The 
check-in information can be published into OCM either by using the OCM 
API to check-in anonymously or by OCM pulling check-in data from the 
OVMS API. Thats fine and the end result is the same for most people. The 
disadvantage of not associating the check-in with an OCM user is that 
the user can never go back and remove/amend their checkin in OCM, which 
may or may not be an issue for them. If we're pulling from the OVMS API 
then the question is can we hold identifying information about the user 
(an ID etc) so that we can reconcile them later if they wish to link 
their accounts?

Behind the scenes OCM holds a User Reputation score which increments 
when you add/edit a POI or add any comment/photo, some users would 
probably like their automated checkins to count against that when we get 
around to having a leaderboard of some sort - so that's a potential 
scenario for linking user in the future.

By submitting data into the OCM API, the data becomes CC BY 3.0 licensed 
(by association that using the API is acceptance of those terms), 
whereas OCM pulling from OVMS is subject to whatever applicable license 
there will be there and if the data will be aggregated/anonymous etc. 
Likewise other charge map vendors will likely want to use the API to 
pull data into their own systems.


On 22/05/2014 03:29, J-C Saint-Pô wrote:
> Maybe people use their ovms usercode to write changes & comments to 
> ocm to an cooperationg ovms server
> This server writes the changes & comments to ocm as "OVMS-user-submitted"
> Maybe give ovms users possibility to choose to submit directly to ocm 
> for submitting more ample info
> And use the "via-ovms" for basic changes or submissions
> All will depend on how much load you want on the ovms-server
> (suggestion submited by someone who only knows the basics on computers 
> & co) ;-)
> Kind greets
> JC
> 2014-05-21 19:04 GMT+02:00 Lee Howard <lee.howard at mainpine.com 
> <mailto:lee.howard at mainpine.com>>:
>     Hello Mark, Chris, and other OVMS users and developers...
>     I am happy with all of Mark's outline with only one point for
>     debate. Admittedly, I am new to OpenChargeMap API and OVMS
>     programming, and so maybe I simply don't understand how things
>     work, but...
>     As the OVMS server will be performing the OpenChargeMap API on
>     behalf of the partner instead of the portable app performing the
>     OpenChargeMap API (more-directly in the control of the partner)...
>     is it really necessary for the OVMS server to masquerade as the
>     partner... using their identity for authentication with OpenChargeMap?
>     I'd prefer to avoid requiring the user to set-up an independent
>     account with OpenChargeMap and then permit OVMS to operate on
>     behalf of that newly-created account. Could not the OVMS server
>     simply use its own account (for everyone) and simply provide an
>     information field about the identification of the OVMS user?
>     My primary interest here is in making it as simple as possible for
>     the OVMS user to opt-in. Requiring them to sign up with
>     OpenChargeMap and provide a PIN or key from the account is an
>     additional step that will prove to be a barrier for users that are
>     willing to opt-in as long as it is merely as easy as a button-press.
>     Thanks,
>     Lee.
>     On 05/21/2014 04:12 AM, Christopher Cook wrote:
>         ....[snip]....
>         One option I'm pondering is for apps to be able to request the
>         OCM Session Token just by supplying a PIN code and Username to
>         the API, the user would need to go to the OCM website to
>         generate the pin code (and conform the expected Username for
>         it to work) probably by starting a certain OCM url with an API
>         Key specific to OVMS.
>         ....[/snip]....
>         On 21/05/2014 15:23, Kevin Sharpe wrote:
>             FYI, I've asked Lee Howard from Mainpine to take a look at
>             this in detail.
>             Kevin Sharpe | Founder & Patron | Zero Carbon World is a
>             UK Registered Charity #1141347
>             From: Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net
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>             Subject: Re: [Ovmsdev] Open Charge Map
>             Here is an email with a proposal / suggest I sent out last
>             year. This would be wonderful to do, just limited
>             resources to do it with.
>             ....[snip]....
>                 The server will maintain a database of partners, and
>             their API
>                 access keys. This database should allow for PUSH
>             messages (via
>                 HTTP) to the partner. If PUSH is enabled, every time a
>             charging
>                 session is updated (either started or completed), the
>             server will
>                 connect to each partner (in randomised order) and send
>             them the
>                 information for recent charges. The server will also
>             provide an
>                 API to allow partners to PULL messages past a certain
>             date/time
>                 stamp (to allow for periodic synchronisation).
>                 _*Partners*_
>                 Partners would just have to subscribe to the system
>             (signing up
>                 with a user account and being given an API key). They
>             would have
>                 to agree to the license terms, but other than that
>             there would be
>                 no restrictions to partnership.
>                 ....[snip]....
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