[Ovmsdev] changing android app server IP

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Fri Jun 27 11:38:43 HKT 2014

On iOS, the App settings is buried in the System Settings app, a terrible
UI design. Finally, with iOS 8, there will be a way for apps to send you
straight to the app settings. But for now...

Open the Setting app, then scroll down to the bottom to find a list of
apps that use the built-in settings mechanism. You'll find an item for
"Open Vehicle". In there you'll find the configuration for your OVMS
account, including the server IP address.

That's also where you can turn the Open Charge Map stuff on/off and where
you can override the module's choice for distance and temperature units.

Arguably the server account should be per-vehicle but I'm guessing the
thought was that anyone who has multiple OVMS vehicles will have them all
on the same server and making that app-wide means you only have to enter
username, password and server IP once.

Of course none of this is any help for figuring out how to do it on


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>On 06/11/2014 05:23 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> I think the 'tmc' server is hard-coded in the Android App.
>> The code on github is up-to-date, if anyone wants to take a stab at
>>making it configurable.
>I spent a few days getting acquainted with Android development and
>toying with the OVMS Android app code, loading it onto the Android
>emulator, etc.
>I couldn't decide where was the best place was to put an "app settings"
>menu item, and so I caved and downloaded OVMS from the App Store onto my
>> The iOS App has it in the system settings tab.
>I don't see it.  Is this in unreleased/unpublished code?
>There is the "OVMS Server IP" in the "Parameters" section of the
>"Control" menu for each configured car.  However, I believe that refers
>to the server IP configured in the car module and not for the app.  AND
>this same section and menu exist on the Android app (after waiting
>long-enough for it to populate... or getting lucky... I can't figure out
>which since it often doesn't populate at all).
>Since for each car the app needs to talk to the same server as the car
>module it would be ideal for changes made to this "OVMS Server IP" in
>the "Parameters" section to apply to both the IP where the module
>communicates *AND* to where the app communicates for that car, but since
>this "Parameters" section doesn't even come up at all until the app can
>talk to the server and module, I don't think that's how it works,
>presently, and it would appear to need a lot of effort to get it working
>in that fashion.
>It would be nice if I could have different car modules talking to
>different servers and for me to be able to use one app to rule them
>all.  The app would merely talk to different servers for each car.
>Anyway... since my initial interest is in doing server-side and
>car-module-side developments (and not so much the app-side of things)
>I'm inclined to just make a hard-coded change to the server IP address
>in my Android app and move on for the sake of being productive.
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