[Ovmsdev] changing android app server IP

Lee Howard lee.howard at mainpine.com
Sat Jun 28 01:38:05 HKT 2014

On 06/26/2014 08:38 PM, Tom Saxton wrote:
> On iOS, the App settings is buried in the System Settings app, a terrible
> UI design.

Oh, I see.  Thank you.  That was very helpful.

Yes, it is a terrible UI design by Apple on iOS.

I was going to try to do on Android similar to what had been done on 
iOS, but since this is so terrible, I'd rather not do it like that.

> Arguably the server account should be per-vehicle but I'm guessing the
> thought was that anyone who has multiple OVMS vehicles will have them all
> on the same server and making that app-wide means you only have to enter
> username, password and server IP once.
> Of course none of this is any help for figuring out how to do it on
> Android...

As I dug-into the Android code better to hard-code the address change I 
discovered - to my delight - that the app server address is stored in a 
per-car data object.  Yay!  So this is nice.  I'm going to give this 
another shot.



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