[Ovmsdev] Mitsubishi logging problem

Nikolay Shishkov nshishkov at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 05:32:54 HKT 2014

I have been testing the logging for the mitsubishi and noticed a problem with it - no matter if I was charging or driving the log was always showing driving. 

I have been looking at the code and I think I found the problem. If I understand this correctly in vehicle_mitsubishi_ticker1 function in vehicle_mitsubishi.c file the car_doors1bits.CarON is set depending on wheather there is CAN bus communication. This is unfortunate since the car_doors1bits.CarON (via CAR_IS_ON) is used in the logging.c to determine if the car is "driving"... and if it is, then it is not "charging". 

I am not sure what the best solution would be:
 - to set the car_doors1bits.CarON to 0 if the car is charging or
 - to refactore the logging code to prefer the CAR_IS_CHARGING and test for it first in the various if/else statements.

I have not been able to build and test any of this yet. 

Any comments, ideas, suggestions on how to solve this?

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