[Ovmsdev] Mitsubishi logging problem

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Sun Jun 8 13:51:44 HKT 2014

It sounds like the Mitsubishi code is setting the car_doors1bits.CarON
incorrectly. That bit should only be set if the car is turned on. Perhaps it
needs to be more discerning as to which CAN messages indicate the car is on.


On 6/7/14, 2:32 PM, "Nikolay Shishkov" <nshishkov at yahoo.com> wrote:

I have been testing the logging for the mitsubishi and noticed a problem
with it - no matter if I was charging or driving the log was always showing
I have been looking at the code and I think I found the problem. If I
understand this correctly in vehicle_mitsubishi_ticker1 function in
vehicle_mitsubishi.c file the car_doors1bits.CarON is set depending on
wheather there is CAN bus communication. This is unfortunate since the
car_doors1bits.CarON (via CAR_IS_ON) is used in the logging.c to determine
if the car is "driving"... and if it is, then it is not "charging".

I am not sure what the best solution would be:
 - to set the car_doors1bits.CarON to 0 if the car is charging or
 - to refactore the logging code to prefer the CAR_IS_CHARGING and test for
it first in the various if/else statements.

I have not been able to build and test any of this yet.

Any comments, ideas, suggestions on how to solve this?


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