[Ovmsdev] Twizy 45 and ovms firmware

Gianluca Magalotti gianluca at magalotti.net
Wed Jun 4 13:38:05 HKT 2014

Ok Michael
thank you for your answer. I've registered at the forum (waiting for admin approval) even if the forum is german language and I don't understand any german word but Warum ist die banane krumm? :-)

Ok for ods (at least I'll do some reading when my ovms box will arrive....).
For nice2have features I'll wait for your list (I have my personal list too but maybe we'll have a later focus on that)
About the lack of app specific twizy features I do not know the app very well (as user) and I will check it asap. I did a brief tour and I had the feeling the app is a little bit "rough".
I can support the dev team for the vehicle specific part (if needed) and/or the android version  of the app (don't know if drupal modules/extension will be affected by app customising for twizy due to MIM model for the server).
As stated in my first message, here in Italy M2M sim card are not common and data plans are provided for business only (at reasonable price, otherwise you have to buy full featured sim at higher prices). 
If some sort of "extension modules" can be provided to ovms by means of expansion pins maybe a short range wireless module (i.e. bluetooth) would be great for pairing with phones to use its data plan. Don't know if ovms architecture can allow this or a V3 is needed, but is outo f scope of the thread... :-)

Il giorno 04/giu/2014, alle ore 06:00, Michael Balzer ha scritto:

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> Gianluca,
> welcome :-)
> Branch "master" is the current main branch, if 
> there is a beta version available in another 
> branch, there will be a note on this list.
> You don't need to rebuild yourself, I provide 
> flashable releases in the german Twizy forum:
> http://www.vectrix-forum.de/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=72&func=view&catid=54&id=59478
> The Twizy 45 default settings have been provided 
> by another german forum member, so I cannot check 
> them myself. The values for T80 are definitely 
> correct. The T45 TSMAP brake/neutral rpm values 
> seem to be right, as the T45 has a higher gear 
> ratio. I thought the drive rpms could be wrong, 
> but as the drive map is normally flat 100% that 
> normally has no effect so could have slipped 
> through at Renault/SEVCON.
> There is no formal roadmap, and my firmware todo 
> list only contains nice2haves, most of them maybe 
> not implementable. I'll write an extract later on.
> What's lacking most from my point of view is Twizy 
> specific support on the App. The remaining 
> firmware ROM space will probably also be needed to 
> implement the necessary CFG commands for the App.
> Regards,
> Michael

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