[Ovmsdev] Twizy feature ideas

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Thu Jun 5 05:21:53 HKT 2014

Am 04.06.2014 07:38, schrieb Gianluca Magalotti:
> For nice2have features I'll wait for your list (I have my personal 
> list too but maybe we'll have a later focus on that)

So here it is.

If other Twizy drivers would like to add their ideas, you're welcome.

I'll do my best to check new ideas against my collected knowledge of 
what's possible up to now and give you some feedback.


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OVMS Twizy Feature Ideas

- App support for Twizy specials:
	- extended status data (SOC usage etc.)
	- charge alerts
	- charge time estimation
	- power usage & efficiency
	- battery monitor + log
	- SEVCON configuration & profile switching

- Browser client using HTTP API and jQuery/Flot for visualization
	(could also become an App alternative using HTML5)
	- Status: basic client page done, CORS support necessary on perl server
		for common usability

- Easy to use history data fetching & analyzing
	- automatic CSV enrichment by header row
	- battery cell log pivot automation
	- data polling integration as OpenOffice/LibreOffice macro

- Alarm on...
	- movement (GPS / odometer / geo-fencing)
	- current consumption in 12V system (lights etc.)
	- Status: needs CAN wakeup -- how?

- Timed charging
	- Status: needs CAN wakeup + charger control -- how?

- Better range estimation using elevation changes
	- App based route planning suggesting charge points
	- App alert on too low SOC for selected destination with automatic
		charge point hints

- CAN access to display for...
	- exact SOC
	- efficiency stats (ecometer)
	- efficiency driving hints
	- Status: no docs at all...
		CAN messages 0x599 / 0x5d7 not usable, no reaction
		msg 0x59B makes BC beep, but ignored

- Support remaining car model variables:
	- car_time (from GPS NMEA 128 = $GPZDA)
	- car_chargeduration; // Charge Duration (minutes)
	- car_chargekwh; // KWh of charge
	- car_chargeestimate
		/ vehicle_fn_minutestocharge()
	- car_chargelimit_rangelimit
		/ car_chargelimit_soclimit

- Enable manual OVMS config control (buttons+display for configuration)
	- Status: Twizy buttons D/N/R unusable (just for error detection,
		already in use for CFG RESET)

- Cruise control
	- set desired speed, Twizy will stay above once reached,
		braking deactivates
	- desired speed should be configurable using dashboard buttons
		(problem: see "manual control")
	- Status: SEVCON feature "controlled roll-off" not available on
		Twizy, SEVCON always stops on missing pedal input

- CFG winter/snow automation at/below 4°C (black ice danger)
		... taking new motor temperature if parktime > x
	- Status: not necessary anymore with SimpleConsole

- SEVCON DCF dump backup/restore for all registers
	- to/from server?
		problem: huge amount of data + xfer time
	- openCAN DS301 features EEPROM store/restore usable?
		Object 1010h: Store parameters
		Object 1011h: Restore default parameters
		...in theory supported, not yet tried

- CAN access to charger
	- reducing charge power (solar charging / low power sockets)
	- enable master/slave mode for additional ELIPS chargers
	- Status: ELIPS documentation CAN msgs not yet detected on bus
		maybe SEVCON CAN port 2 = separated internal CAN bus
		or Twizy specific ELIPS firmware

- CAN access to BMS
	- read battery cell age/health status
	- enable higher charge currents
	- enable other lithium chemistry & cell configurations
	- Status: no documentation at all for BMS

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