[Ovmsdev] Twizy 45 and ovms firmware

Gianluca Magalotti gianluca at magalotti.net
Tue Jun 3 01:01:10 HKT 2014

first of all I want to introduce myself.
I'm a new Twizy 45 owner and a software developer (or at least I was ages ago :-) ). 
Actually I spend my free time doing some prototyping using Arduino and, now, doing some Twizy hacking as well.
I'm interested in contributing at the project as developer and tester for twizy 45. My github id is gluca (https://github.com/gluca).

Now the firmware questions:
When upgrading firmware which branch should I use? Do I have to rebuild or I will find a pre-build hex file for twizy?

In any case, I've downloaded the microchip project and switched to the V2_RT_Production configuration and it builds (I had some trouble in finding the C18 compiler for osx but i've found a 3.40 version).
Now I've enabled all switches (OVMS_TWIZY_CFG and OVMS_TWIZY_BATTMON) and created a new configuration (V2_RT_Production_fullfeature).
I will use my branch for experiments. 

Now the dev parts:
1) M2M Sims. I live in Italy and M2M data plan are not (yet?) accessible at reasonable rates. In any cases M2M data plans are "data plan" only and typically do not include sms (at least sending sms). I was wondering if some other way can be provided for alerts and other messaging needs.
2) Twizy 45 settings. I've read both user guide and all the ods files and I think I've found some errors on ods. Specifically ts map break/neutral rpm values for twizy 80 and 45 seems swapped.
3) Roadmap. Is there any roadmap for twizy functionalities I can partecipate in developing/testing?

Gianluca Magalotti
ITIL V3 Certified

email:     gianluca at magalotti.net
Mob:       +39 340 7418648
Mob:       +39 3474 3474 25
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gianlucamagalotti/

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