[Ovmsdev] OVMS v2.5.3...

Curt Harpold curt.harpold at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 04:12:21 HKT 2013


The first thing I've found in my testing is that the TPMS data is missing
in the iPhone app. I tried again with v2.3.2, TPMS data is reported, Then
back to v2.5.3, no TPMS data.

I am using iPhone app v1.3.7 with V2 hardware in my Tesla Roadster 1.5.

Here's everything else you requested, though I doubt that it is relevant:

   - Output of "SMS STAT" for the specified location
   - Your vehicle id
   - Output of base64 parameter string (from the cellphone app) -
   - Date/Time you entered the ACC location (with timezone)
   - Date/Time you plugged in at the ACC location (with timezone)
   - In the smartphone app, call up the Features and Parameters screens (so
   the server logs those, and I can check)
   - Description of the problem you have
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