[Ovmsdev] i-Miev/C-Zero/iOn

Matt Beard OVMS smvo at mxf.org.uk
Wed Oct 30 16:55:41 HKT 2013

Hi Thomas,

During QC you don't get valid values reported in 0x389 - it seems to be
constant 255V, 0A during QC.

My code is relying on the fact that the estimated range only ever seems to
be reported as 255 during QC (except for the first few messages at startup,
but those are easy to filter out). In my testing so far this seems to work
for detecting the start and end of QC. I am going to be doing 3 more tests
today with my latest code and will report back later.


On 27 October 2013 20:13, Thomas Bergo <thomas.bergo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Matt
> I have started to look into the QC code. And i have one concern.
> Have you seen if the voltage and charging current (PID 0x389) is reported
> during QC?
> If not, we are not able to detect that the car is charging during QC with
> current code.
> Thomas
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