[Ovmsdev] i-Miev/C-Zero/iOn

Thomas Bergo thomas.bergo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 05:09:40 HKT 2013

I believe I have figured out a way to handle the QC state.

Is testing a new version with following changes:
- Added Motor and PEM temperature reading (thanks to Matt Beard)
- Added calculation of estimated range during QC (thanks to Matt Beard)
- Added detection of quick charging
- Changed calculation of ideal range to reflect that SOC below 10% not
- Changed hard coded charge limit to 16A for standardization.
- Fixed temperature stale in app.
- Fixed charge status on charge interruption.

Will update on GitHub after some more testing.

Regards, Thomas.

2013/10/27 Thomas Bergo <thomas.bergo at gmail.com>

> Hi Matt
> I have started to look into the QC code. And i have one concern.
> Have you seen if the voltage and charging current (PID 0x389) is reported
> during QC?
> If not, we are not able to detect that the car is charging during QC with
> current code.
> Thomas
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