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Robert Sharpe robert.sharpe at evergreen-consulting.co.uk
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Hi Mark,

Great news and thanks for tackling it even though it was hard work.

So in summary there is
testing of first build - Nikki do you want to do this ?
getting logs
without T connector - Rob to do
with T connector - Rob once got a connector

Which T connector would you recommend ?


---- On Tue, 17 Dec 2013 15:16:04 +0100 Mark Webb-Johnson<mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote ---- 

Attached is a first-run at Nissan Leaf support, with a few values read from the bus passively:

Headlight status
Park / Drive status

I’ve also pushed this to github (along with a large number of other small changes).

The Nissan Leaf support is proving really hard for me. I don’t have the car, or much CAN bus data, and the public documentation is contradictory and incomplete. End result is that I am just guessing, and completely unable to test my guesses.

Anyway, please try it and let me know if any of those figures show up with any sense of accuracy at all.

Going forward, I really need some CAN bus dumps from a Nissan Leaf. Specifically:

Car idle
Car plugged in and charge started
Car charging
Charge interrupted
Driving as close to a constant speed of 10 kph as possible
Driving as close to a constant speed of 20 kph as possible
Driving as close to a constant speed of 30 kph as possible
Car parked, but on
Car parked, coming out of park into drive gear
Car stopped, coming out of drive gear into park
Car in park gear, then handbrake applied

For each of those, both with and without a T connector and LeafSpy running would be helpful.

I’m guessing the logs can be gotten from monitor-all mode with an OBDII adaptor. There is not too much data on the can bus and that should be fast enough.

If anyone can help with the above, please let me know.

Regards, Mark.

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