[Ovmsdev] Incentivising / Rewarding

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Aug 29 09:25:10 HKT 2013

I would like to devise something to incentivise / reward people working on this project. Something beyond the personal satisfaction, and giving back to the community.

What I'm thinking is to donate hardware modules to people working on new vehicle support. It would work something like this:

Someone steps forward to take on support for a particular vehicle.
That developer buys the hardware module, and accessories, as normal.
The vehicle_xxx.c file is written, tested, and gets to a stage where it meets the milestones for that vehicle (the core functionality requirements).
Open Vehicles either re-imburses the module purchase price, or sends a second module to the developer concerned (option chosen by the developer).

In particular, I'd really like to incentivise work on the Leaf and iMiev modules.

What about for past contributors? What about for people working on the Apps, or other parts of the system?

What do people think? Would this be a good idea, or no use?

Regards, Mark.

P.S. What I would really like to do is get the OVMS CAN-USB adaptor working, and then give those out in large quantities. The more people decoding vehicle CAN communications, the more cars become open vehicles. But, to do that I need some one / people to step forward and help with this. The China manufacturer is standing by and asking me for the circuit diagram, but I've got too much on my plate at the moment to take on the CAN-USB hardware and firmware as well. Using a PIC32 microprocessor (with built-in USB support), and MCP2551 CAN controller, we can do this for a materials cost perhaps around US$30 (vs US$150 retail for the cheapest commercial units). I'll send out a separate 'appeal' for this, and see if anyone will step forward to help.
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