[Ovmsdev] ACC and V1 modules

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at openvehicles.com
Wed Aug 28 21:21:50 HKT 2013

The good news is that by doing some juggling around, I've managed to shoe-horn ACC into the V1_Production code for v1 hardware modules. We've got 3,614bytes of flash and 504bytes of RAM free to play with! The sad news is that this is at the expense of DIAG mode. Anyway, if developers really need that, they can build a custom firmware for it anyway, so not too bad. I may be able to bring it back for v1 hardware at a later stage, if we can reduce code-size elsewhere.

I also removed the internal gps from the Tesla Roadster V2_TR_Production build config, as it was just wasting space.

I revised Tesla Roadster V2 cooldown charge to 13A, and fixed a bug where the car seemed to be able to still attempt cooldown recycles (range->performance->range) even when the car wasn't charging (presumably if a cooldown was interrupted). It was interesting seeing my car switch from standard to performance mode then to range mode automatically, as I left my driveway this morning :-) Anyway, it let me test the geofencing of ACC, as the behavior stopped when I got out of range of my garage! Other than that, the cooldown and ACC seems to be working as expected, but I continue to test.

Finally, I merged in the latest thinkcity changes.

Regards, Mark.

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