[Ovmsdev] Seeking ideas for 'range' representation

Kevin Sharpe ZCW kevin.sharpe at zerocarbonworld.org
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The first app release can filter on Charging Station type, current car range, etc., and give you a route to your chosen charging location.

The 'blobs' are highly configurable and can be turned off if desired.

Once we have full OCM integration we will transmit charging data to the database and then push forward with improvements in OCM data quality. We expect to undertake a full audit of the UK's charging infrastructure later in the year and that will provide a foundation that drivers can trust :-)
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Looking good.

Is there any way to indicate what type of chargers are in a collected blob? Perhaps with the outer ring colour?  If I see that I have 4 possible 7kW chargers in range, and a rapid charger that I may just reach... it would help to know that the group of 4 chargers in one blob on a slightly different route also includes a rapid charger.


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