[Ovmsdev] My OVMS Cellular Plan

Bennett Leeds bennettleeds at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 11:02:27 HKT 2012

1. US
2. ATT
3. $0 for SIM card since left over from a phone I don't use.
4. $20/month is my delta. $10 for the number on a "Family Plan" and $10 for
unlimited data "non-smartphone". I also get texts free since my family is
already on unlimited shared text messages (I have a teenager on the plan).
5. $0/MB - see #4
6. ATT is switching from Family Plans to "Shared Data" plans. I don't know
the difference, but if the Shared Data plan makes sense for you anyway,
then it could be even better.

Basically, the way this works is to be on the Family/Shared Data/Shared
Text plan anyway. Then simply add a phone line for $10/month and get a free
cheap-o phone, which you don't use. For Family Plan pay $10 for unlimited
data. For Shared Data, I don't know what the increment is. Put the SIM in
your OVMS.

Note that the GoPhone plans were better, but for $20/month I have no
hassles and should be grandfathered in for at least another year.

- Bennett
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