[Ovmsdev] OVMS Hardware v2.0

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Sun Jun 10 23:50:43 HKT 2012

on 6/10/12 4:36 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> By the way, does anyone know what the Tattler uses? Any pictures? I'm guessing
> a development board with CAN, something like those boards on the olimex site.

The Tattler uses this board:


Scott was using an SD card to store the OS and the Tattler program, but
those cards were getting corrupted. Losing power can corrupt the file
system, for example.

After mine got completely wedged, Scott redid it to store everything in
on-board flash. The OVMS board has been working so well I haven't been very
motivated to swap back to the Tattler to try it out.


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