[Ovmsdev] 1.2.0-rc5

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Feb 21 16:49:21 HKT 2012

I have committed firmware 1.2.0-rc5. Changes (since 1.2.0-rc3) include:

2012-02-21 1.2.0-rc5   Release Candidate #5 for end-user firmware
                       Heating->Preparing, not by-request, -> SMS/IP alert
                       Command 40: Send SMS (params: phone number, SMS message)
                       Command 41: Send MMI/USSD Codes (param: USSD_CODE)
                       Command 49: Send raw AT command (param: raw AT command)
                       Increase message buffers to 200 bytes
                       Support multi-line incoming SMS

2012-02-18 1.2.0-rc4   Release Candidate #4 for end-user firmware
                       Treat HEATING state as car charging (force charging bit high)
                       Tidy up car_charging and stopped charging alerts
                       Implement a command 16 to set charge mode and current in the same message
                       Change logic for commands 10,11,12 and 15 to NOT send battery status message immediately
                       Change can.c to detect changes in battery status and send that as an immediate status update
                       Triple-check notifications for charge stopped vs done
                       Support heating indication in push alerts

This contains fixes for all known issues, including a proposed fix for detecting charge abort during battery pre-heating state. The biggest change is a re-working of the incoming SMS handler, to allow for multi-line SMS messages. In addition, three new commands have been added, to allow SMS and MMI/USSD messages to be sent (for things like checking pre-paid SIM balances).

As before, I ask all developers to deploy this to your cars, so we can be certain there are no issues. You will want to concentrate testing on (a) SMS commands, (b) the SMS/IP notification facility (which should notify you, if so configured, whenever the charge is stopped on the wall side of the plug - ie; not by pressing STOP on the VDS or App), and (c) charger configuration commands to the car.

We are in final release candidate status for this now.

Regards, Mark.

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