[Ovmsdev] Replacement ovms!

Michael Geddes frog at bunyip.wheelycreek.net
Sun Jan 8 09:48:27 HKT 2023

So I've had this issue with the HUD not powering up when connected to the
OVMS and then I just had an issue with a bad file in /store causing
continuous reboots and thought I'd get a replacement base unit. I already
got a small refund from the old distributor because of the faulty hud

The problem is that the shipping cost is stupid expensive. US $180 for base
module (no GSM) then $205 for shipping!..  =AUD $560 from medlock.

Going for the UK site I have to get it as a kit with cables, but at £166.93
+ £19.97 shipping... Which at AUD $328 is a lot cheaper... What the actual
f? And I get 2 antennas I don't need and a SIM I can't use as well as the
GSM module that I was going to either transfer over or get an in-car wifi

What on earth is going on!?

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