[Ovmsdev] Android App beta

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Wed Sep 28 20:22:20 HKT 2022

I added


on line 524 in api/ApiService.java

without success. I still saw the switching to "Loading" and back.

I deleted all my "$br(ovms, ...)$" and it still shows the "Loading" beh

So, sorry, it seems to be a LineagOS problem.

Am Mittwoch, dem 28.09.2022 um 13:33 +0200 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> I don't see this effect on my KWGT test devices with my test widgets.
> The car data already is buffered twice, once on the server and once
> in the App.
> I added Kustom broadcasts on push notifications and command results,
> the one on command results doesn't include the standard car data yet.
> Maybe that breaks some of your widget formulas?
> To try, add…
> intent.putExtras(mCarData.getBroadcastData());
> …in ApiService.onResultCommand() before the sends.
> Regards,
> Michael
> Am 28.09.22 um 08:43 schrieb Chris van der Meijden:
> Hi Michael
> My KWGT widget switches constantly between displaying the information
> (3 "broadcast" text elements and one image) and "Loading ...":
> Could it be, that we need some kind of buffer in the ApiService.java
> in case the app is not able to provide the actual intent array due to
> bad connectivity from the app to the server? 
> Regards
> Chris
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