[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Sep 24 14:34:28 HKT 2022


if you set the log level for the canlog monitor (tag "canlog-monitor") 
to debug, it logs only events, statistics and errors, so won't flood 
your log.

You can then add statistics checkpoints by adding an event script on a 
suitable ticker, the "can can<n> status" command triggers a status dump 
to the loggers.

That way you may be able to see what leads up to the bus freeze.


Am 24.09.22 um 01:21 schrieb Craig Leres:
> I guess I need to revive this thread as I'm still having issues with a 
> v3.3 module in my Corvette. What I see is that things work normally 
> for 1-2 days and then I start getting flatbed alerts because the 
> module doesn't detect when the car is "on".
> As a test I swapped in my dev module (vintage 2018) and it worked 
> flawlessly for about a month. I swapped the v3.3 module back a few 
> weeks ago and was only able to make one day's worth of trips without 
> flatbed alerts and then they were back. And I filled up last night but 
> the v2 server shows me a 33%.
> What kind of logging can I enable that would be helpful?
> My modules currently have 3.3.003-2-gd00de6c0
> More recently I started having issues with network registration and 
> gnss reception; at least every few days both cars will transition from 
> RegisteredRoaming to Searching and then back to RegisteredRoaming. 
> They also transition from 12 satellites in view to no satellites in 
> view and back to 12 satellites in view. For the cellular connection I 
> might buy that a local cell tower is out of service and/or maybe my 
> signal strength is too low. But for the gnss I can't see why this 
> would happen, especially given that I have a satellite antenna in the 
> garage, under the same tar-and-gravel roof as the cars, that I used 
> for ntp synchronization (a u-blox ZED-F9T based receiver tracking four 
> constellations...) and it never misses a beat.
> Not sure if I have two different issues here or if one is related to 
> the "SIM7600 Registration Denied" thread.
>         Craig

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