[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sat Sep 24 07:21:08 HKT 2022

I guess I need to revive this thread as I'm still having issues with a 
v3.3 module in my Corvette. What I see is that things work normally for 
1-2 days and then I start getting flatbed alerts because the module 
doesn't detect when the car is "on".

As a test I swapped in my dev module (vintage 2018) and it worked 
flawlessly for about a month. I swapped the v3.3 module back a few weeks 
ago and was only able to make one day's worth of trips without flatbed 
alerts and then they were back. And I filled up last night but the v2 
server shows me a 33%.

What kind of logging can I enable that would be helpful?

My modules currently have 3.3.003-2-gd00de6c0

More recently I started having issues with network registration and gnss 
reception; at least every few days both cars will transition from 
RegisteredRoaming to Searching and then back to RegisteredRoaming. They 
also transition from 12 satellites in view to no satellites in view and 
back to 12 satellites in view. For the cellular connection I might buy 
that a local cell tower is out of service and/or maybe my signal 
strength is too low. But for the gnss I can't see why this would happen, 
especially given that I have a satellite antenna in the garage, under 
the same tar-and-gravel roof as the cars, that I used for ntp 
synchronization (a u-blox ZED-F9T based receiver tracking four 
constellations...) and it never misses a beat.

Not sure if I have two different issues here or if one is related to the 
"SIM7600 Registration Denied" thread.


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