[Ovmsdev] Support system comment on Twizy and Smart EQ

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Oct 31 16:14:34 HKT 2022

Received this comment in the support system. Passing it on here for general information only, and no response needed:

first of all thank you for your awesome work. I have buyed an OVMS v3 almost two years ago for my renault Twizy and I'm very happy, also for your kindly support.

I have a suggestion: if the OVMS module can sense the press of D and R buttons on the Twizy, it could be possible to change tuning maps simply by pushing and mantaining pressed for 2 secs the D button (when not in motion) in order to set the next tuning map. What do you think about it?

And I have another question: I'll probably change my Twizy with a 2019 Smart EQ.
Do you think I will still able to tune the regen brake and maybe the motor power? I have read the compatibility list for the Smart and it seams less compatible than Twizy

Regards, Mark.
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