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you've possible mistaken the scan command for the scan mode. Scan mode 
is meant for that scenario. You can configure multiple APs via the web 
UI (Config→Wifi: client networks) or via shell using the config command. 
You can also configure the signal levels for dropping network associations.

To configure from the shell, add a network like this: "config set 
wifi.ssid <ssid> <passphrase>"


Am 22.10.22 um 14:25 schrieb Ludovic LANGE:
> Hi Michael,
> So if you don't mind, I'll be creating GitHub "issues" for following 
> those improvements, in order to describe, plan, document, follow the 
> progress on those ideas.
> Regarding WiFi, the idea would be more like the "mesh" mode ; but with 
> different SSIDs.
> Say you have a list of different SSIDs / password. The device should 
> try to connect to the first one in the config. If unable to connect, 
> or if the RSSI steadily falls below a certain minimum, it will try the 
> next in order in the config. Then when it reaches the end of the list, 
> it cycles back to the start. Or optionally it should try to connect 
> via modem connection (but I'd make this a config option also) - and if 
> this one drops also, back to wifi APs list.
> (RSSI level should be a config item also).
> Use-case is the following:
> I have a vehicle under test ; it has a OVMS on-board. The test pilot 
> does some different journeys. Some starting from "home", ending at 
> "shop A". Then from "shop A" to "shop B". etc... and back to "home".
> It's not possible (and not wanted) to have all these locations set up 
> with the same SSID / Password. So it could be interesting to have OVMS 
> able to connect to each different AP.
> (Automatically - the test pilot is not expected to deal with OVMS 
> configuration)
> Scanning mode seems (I have not fully tested all the configuration) to 
> be able to list the visible APs ; but it seems there is no provision 
> to configure passwords for multiple one ? Let me know if I understood 
> it incorrectly.
> Regards,
> Le 21/10/2022 à 15:43, Michael Balzer a écrit :
>> Ludovic,
>> sounds all reasonable.
>> Regarding Wifi, doesn't our client "scanning mode" implement what 
>> you're looking for?
>> (https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/userguide/wifi.html#client-access-point-modes)
>> Regards,
>> Michael
>> Am 19.10.22 um 00:44 schrieb Ludovic LANGE:
>>> Thanks Michael !
>>> I'll try to have a look at the can play framework - it could surely 
>>> help me speed up my dashboard development work (for the moment I'm 
>>> injecting on a real CAN Bus but it's not always ideal). But not 
>>> everything is clear for me in this concept, given that I don't know 
>>> the whole ecosystem very well (not helping is my inability to read C++).
>>> If @Mark is reading, would you mind exchanging on this topic if you 
>>> have some time (and memories of what you had in mind when designing 
>>> this part) ?
>>> Here is a random dump of some other crazy ideas I'd like to share 
>>> with the list (read: things I thought would be nice to discuss):
>>>   * Some features I like (seen in the doc of a related product):
>>>       o Wifi: multiple AP/SSIDs defined in order to auto-connect to
>>>         the strongest signal (or ability to "roam" from one site to
>>>         another without having to re-configure the Wifi)
>>>       o CanLog: ability to "split" log files according to some
>>>         criterion : either the size (in bytes) of the log file ; or
>>>         the timespan of the capture
>>>       o CanFormat: support for reading / writing a compressed file
>>>         format (e.g. Vector's BLF, etc...)
>>>       o CanLog: ability to sync the log files to an external server
>>>         (whenever a network connection is available), with (optional
>>>         in my mind) local delete of the file after transfer.
>>>   * DBC-based vehicle :
>>>       o In my DBC experiments, I found I needed to register new
>>>         metrics. While it's possible to create a new "vehicle_"
>>>         module and have the registering occur there, it kinds of
>>>         defeat the dynamic aspect of the DBC approach. So I was
>>>         wondering if we could introduce a dynamic registration of
>>>         metrics (e.g.: have a config setup, or a file in the vfs,
>>>         that lists all the metrics that we want to register during
>>>         vehicle module loading)
>>>   * Wireguard interface : I was toying with the idea of having a
>>>     network-enabled OVMS auto-registering in a dedicated network ;
>>>     and being "locally" available, mdns working, web and ssh
>>>     reachable... while exposing no local service on its main
>>>     interface. I've seen discussion around a "firewall", and with
>>>     this approach there is no more need to have one if no services
>>>     are exposed.
>>>     Don't know if it's feasible, a project like
>>>     https://github.com/smartalock/wireguard-lwip is certainly
>>>     interesting to look at (and also
>>>     https://github.com/ciniml/WireGuard-ESP32-Arduino).
>>> Let me know what you think about any of this
>>> Regards,
>>> Ludovic
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