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Ludovic, welcome :-)

you're right, can play is unfinished. It seems it wasn't needed up to 
now, you're welcome to finish it. Mark would best comment on what's 
missing there, as it was his concept & framework draft.

Another local option is replaying a set of specific frame sequences by 
scripts running series of "can tx" and/or "can rx" commands.

Regarding dashboard development, you can simply add a random metrics 
data generator to the UI. You can find templates for this in the examples:

Documentation of course can always be improved :-)


Am 10.10.22 um 00:34 schrieb Ludovic LANGE:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Ludovic and I've just bought an OVMS for a R&D project I'm 
> working on. I know how to read/write some (easy) code, and am not 
> afraid of (digital) electronics too. I've managed to compile, and 
> flash FW to this unit.
> My use-case is to use OVMS as an aid during the testing phase / tuning 
> of an EV vehicle:
>   * Using OVMS as a pure data-logger of the CAN Bus (to SD card, with
>     an automatic offload to a remote server as soon as a network
>     connexion is available) - i.e. logging during the runs, and
>     dumping the data either as soon as possible, or when the vehicle
>     is back in the shop.
>   * Also making use of the "dashboard" functions to have an in-vehicle
>     display (phone/tablet) of the main parameters of interest : GPS
>     Speed, Motor RPM, some BMS parameters, some controller parameters,
>     ... so that the test driver can have some feedback on the
>     internals of the vehicle.
> Part of my plan is to explore the DBC-based vehicles of OVMS, and for 
> that I was interested in using the "replay mode" that has been 
> contributed to the code in 2019 : 
> https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/commit/611b656bd50f46ad4a442c5d3837e13feb8e2116 
> ; however it does indeed look like a work in progress - as I wasn't 
> able to make it replay something.
> I've not delved much into the code (yet ?) but it looks that some 
> implementations are incomplete (like `canplay_vfs::InputMsg`) and 
> could explain that. But first I wanted to ask here what was your 
> experience with this part - is it working for you in some state, even 
> buggy ?
> "replay mode" is not absolutely necessary but could be a huge time 
> saver - otherwise I'd have to replay from another CANBus transceiver - 
> and I'd prefer an integrated environment.
> "replaying" is interesting for the setup phase as I'll be able to 
> fine-tune the DBC setup ; have the metrics generated and then have the 
> dashboard displaying "live" data - without needing a real vehicle test.
> Also in the plan is to build a customized dashboard from a chosen set 
> of metrics. This looks easy and well documented as far as I could 
> tell, and I do not expect a lot of difficulties here ; what do you think ?
> Also part of the plan would be to have a way to log to fixed-size 
> files (either based on the number of events captured on the CANBus ; 
> or based on the duration of the capture - like every 5 minutes) and to 
> find a way to "rsync" them to a remote server. I do not intend to use 
> the "server" connection (be it V2 or V3) as my use-case is a little 
> bit different and I need to retrieve raw CANBus data, not processed 
> metrics - for later post-processing (with SavvyCAN etc...). I'm open 
> to any advices on the feasibility of this.
> Finally, as a newcomer I'll also try to help with documentation on 
> things that I struggled with or that are evident but not in the doc yet.
> Thanks everybody who created (and contributed to) this project that 
> looks a fantastic tool to observe and tinker with vehicles!
> Please feel free to share your thoughts on this.
> Regards from France,
> Ludovic LANGE
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