[Ovmsdev] VW e-Up: 12V DCDC inverter start

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon May 16 18:04:24 HKT 2022


it seems many factors influence the DC trickle charge interval, besides 
the actual voltage I think it's also at least temperature and age. 
Chances are it also uses a load history.

Regarding sending a command to force a trickle charge, that may be 
possible by issuing an actuator test command ("Ausgabetest" in 
OBDeleven), but I don't remember having seen anything like that in 
Heiko's screenshots. I did an analysis for one of these commands 
(unlocking / locking the charge port), see my mail "Re: Schreibzugriff 
OBD" of june 5th 2021 on our e-Up list.

Another approach would be to wake up the car and keep it awake as long 
as needed. That seems to possible via Comfort CAN only -- you can keep 
the car awake via OBD, but not wake it up (at least no method known yet).

Be aware waking the car up sets a higher voltage level: trickle charge 
only runs at ~12.9V, while awake it's ~14.5V. I assume the 12V battery 
has a charge regulator so it won't take damage from a longer period at 
that level, but the equipment you'd like to power (assumed) could have 
an issue with that.


Am 16.05.22 um 08:03 schrieb Soko:
> Hey guys & especially the VW e-Up ones,
> I was wondering about the current status of writing to the e-Up.
> I currently in "need" to start the 12V DCDC inverter when the car is 
> off and locked. Is this currently possible or at least feasible?
> Are there any detailed infos when this inverter starts automatically. 
> Apparently its not just a question of the current 12V voltage...
> Thanks heaps
> Soko
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