[Ovmsdev] SPIRAM memory test fail

Patrick Stein 4seasons-ovms at jinx.de
Sat Dec 24 19:24:58 HKT 2022

Dear all,

I’m having a weird problem. As I’m not courageous enough to keep the module connected all time, I will connect the module when starting the vehicle. For some reason however the module always had to be reconnected cause otherwise the blue light would stay continous and unresponsive ( no wfi ). 
Today I went into the underground garage with my laptop and connected the usb cable (not connected via obd) and immediately then connect Terminal.app. And I saw the following:

> E (2061) spiram: SPI SRAM memory test fail. 131071/131072 writes failed, first @ 3F800000
> E (2061) cpu_start: External RAM failed memory test!
> abort() was called at PC 0x400818ea on core 0
> ELF file SHA256: f4a716b153577bae
> Backtrace: 0x4008ddd2:0x3ffe3c10 0x4008e06d:0x3ffe3c30 0x400818ea:0x3ffe3c50 0x400792bc:0x3ffe3c90 0x4007969d:0x3ffe3cc0 0x40080721:0x3ffe3df0 0x40007c15:0x3ffe3eb0 0x4000073d:0x3ffe3f20

The version is a modified one as I added a battery voltage check to the code that uses a calibrated voltage. I don’t think the error it’s related to the code.
After pressing reset the system boots normally. Interesting enough it only happens after a night’s reset without beeing connected to the car. When I try it after it has worked it will always boot up fine. I’ve never encountered that error on my desk. 

Is the new module maybe broken ?

Regards Patrick

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