[Ovmsdev] Subaru Solterra

Solterra solterra at kezarnet.com
Fri Dec 23 05:31:28 HKT 2022

Do people really donate vehicles?

I'm in line to get one next week. I'm interested in contributing and 
wondering if there are others working on the same vehicle (or the bZ4X).

Nice to meet you.

On 2022-12-22 16:24, Michael Balzer wrote:
> Am 22.12.22 um 14:40 schrieb Solterra:
>> Any interest in adding support for Subaru Solterra?
> Are you offering to donate a vehicle to a developer? If so, I'm sure 
> some developer can be found to help you on this.
> Or are you a developer planning to buy one and implement the support? 
> If so, we'll help you getting started.
> Regards,
> Michael
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