[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Simon Ehlen ovms at highteq.de
Wed Apr 6 20:05:21 HKT 2022


On 5/4/22 20:23 Greg D. wrote:

> I wonder if this is the same old problem we've had (are having?) with CAN2/3, where it just goes deaf after a while.  I saw it all the time

> with the OBD2ECU task, which listens to CAN3 (typically) for Head-Up Display polling requests and fulfills them with data from the metrics.

 To make sure it's not my module, I loaded the empty vehicle today and started the CAN buses manually. Even then it happens that CAN2 and CAN3 do not receive any messages after some time.
 What I noticed is that on the CAN1 status there are more interrupts than received packets. For CAN2 and CAN2 it is the other way around. Since I've only been working with OVMS for a short time, I can't tell if this has any meaning, but maybe it's just a timing problem. Unfortunately the MCP2515 code is beyond my understanding, so I have to rely on help from the core developers for this problem.
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