[Ovmsdev] Urgent TLS root certificate issue (Let's Encrypt)

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Sep 29 04:03:40 HKT 2021


Am 28.09.21 um 19:38 schrieb Craig Leres:
> As I understand it the problem is with the let's encrypt cert you are 
> currently using on your server; would switching to a commercial cert 
> that validates with one of the "trustedca" certs already in deployed 
> ovms make this problem go away? Then months down the road switch your 
> server back to a let's encrypt cert? 

uh… I wouldn't like that. I've been using LE certificates for all my 
servers and customers since 2017.

That would also be an option only for dexters-web.de. It wouldn't solve 
the issue for all the other sites and web services using LE certs. There 
may be quite some private and non-public OVMS servers running on LE 
certs also.


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