[Ovmsdev] Branch for-v3.3 network issues

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Mon Sep 27 01:51:26 HKT 2021

On 9/26/21 10:28 AM, Michael Balzer wrote:
> just to be sure: you refitted both your modules with an ESP32 rev 3, 
> only difference is, the production module is running "master", sim7600 
> module "for-v3.3"?

That's right:

     OVMS# mod sum

       Version:  3.2.016-292-g61cde63a/ota_1/main (build idf 
v3.3.4-848-g1ff5e24b1 Sep 17 2021 09:44:13)
       Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3

> If so, my conclusions so far would be:
> a) we've got a real heap corruption issue that sometimes gets triggered 
> by the test. I've had it twice around the same place, i.e. within the 
> scheduled event processing. I'll check my code.

That's what it looks like to me. I think my sim7600 module hits the bug 
less often because it's not doing anything (especially when the modem 
goes offline). The production module is posting v2/v3 data giving it 
more chances to hit the bug.

> b) more important: only ESP32 rev 3 really solves the SPIRAM bug. It's 
> not completely solved by the workaround, the workaround just reduces the 
> frequency.

Is it possible the spiram workarounds are more complete in the newest 
version of the idf? Does the newer compiler toolchain it uses factor in 
at all?


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