[Ovmsdev] Branch for-v3.3 network issues

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Sep 20 02:52:30 HKT 2021

I've now also results from testing different heap placements in the 
SPIRAM address space.

I've done these tests on branch "master" with duktape running on core 1 
(= no heap corruption crashes).

To shift the duktape heap location into the upper SPIRAM regions, I 
added this modification to DukTapeInit():

*    void *shiftmem = ExternalRamMalloc(2*1024*1024);*
     umm_memory = ExternalRamMalloc(memsize);
*    ESP_LOGI(TAG, "Duktape: shiftmem=%p umm_memory=%p", shiftmem, 
**    if (shiftmem) free(shiftmem);*

I've tried shifting into the upper 2 MB as shown here, and then shifting 
by just 1 MB up to place the head at the upper end of the lower 2 MB (so 
memory corruption by other processes is unlikely). I've then run the 
event test script 15 times until aborted by the error and collected the 
total loop counts.

Result: there is a strong correlation between the heap memory half used 
and the error frequency: with the heap in the upper half (shifted by 2 
MB), the loop will run *>10x longer* on average than with the heap in 
the lower half.

In absolute numbers: the average loop count with the heap in the lower 2 
MB SPIRAM was ~ 3,000, with the heap shifted into the upper 2 MB it was 
~ 40,000.

Within the lower half, there is no difference between shifting by 1 MB 
and no shifting, so it's most probably not caused by some other process 
corrupting the duktape heap region.

My conclusion would be now, this is still the SPIRAM bug, or a 
previously undetected variant thereof. Can some others please try to 
reproduce my results?


Am 17.09.21 um 10:56 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> I just remembered…
> https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf/issues/2892#issuecomment-459120605
> …and as Duktape runs on core #1, I now test shifting the Duktape heap 
> into the upper 2 MB of SPIRAM.

Michael Balzer * Helkenberger Weg 9 * D-58256 Ennepetal
Fon 02333 / 833 5735 * Handy 0176 / 206 989 26

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