[Ovmsdev] OVMS v3.3 hardware

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sun Sep 12 10:15:46 HKT 2021

I have 3.2.016-383-gfb7ccd6b (for-v3.3) on my dev unit and just checked 
in with it find that it does not have a ppp session after a couple of 
days of uptime. The gps seems to be working. What would be useful for me 
to do to debug this?


OVMS# cell
MODEM Status
   Model: SIM7600
   Network Registration: RegisteredRoaming
     Provider: AT&T Hologram
     Signal: -87 dBm
     Mode: LTE,Online
   State: NetLoss
   Mux: Status up
   PPP: Not connected
      Last Error: User Interrupt
   GPS: Connected on channel: #1
I (264626012) cellular: State: Enter NetWait state
I (264628012) gsm-ppp: StatusCallBack: User Interrupt
I (264630012) cellular: State: Enter NetStart state
I (264631052) cellular: PPP Connection is ready to start
I (264632012) cellular: State: Enter NetMode state
I (264632012) gsm-ppp: Initialising...
I (264632102) cellular: PPP Connection disconnected
I (264632102) cellular: PPP Connection disconnected
W (264633012) cellular: Lost network connection (+PPP disconnect in NetMode)
I (264633012) cellular: State: Enter NetLoss state
I (264633012) gsm-ppp: Shutting down (hard)...
I (264633012) gsm-ppp: PPP is shutdown
I (264633012) netmanager: Set DNS#1
I (264633012) netmanager: Set DNS#2

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