[Ovmsdev] Duktape heap memory management

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Mon Sep 6 10:51:41 HKT 2021

Although it checked out ok when I first reinstalled it, the ant2 u.fl 
center conductor was not making the trip to the sma connector. I put 
some flux on it and reheated it and was able to get some M ohms at first 
but then nothing.

I printed the sim7600 hardware design manual page that shows the layout 
of the pins. Interestingly, the top pins seem to be reversed (?!?!), for 
example gnss_ant buzzes out as the third pin from the top right instead 
of third pin from the top left as shown in the pdf. But aux_ant buzzes ok.

But I see my problem: R6 and R7 are not populated. Looking around ant3, 
I see R8 and R9 are 0 ohm jumpers, so I think I need to move them. (C8 
and C9 are also empty but so are C10 or C11 so guessing nothing to do 


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