[Ovmsdev] Tesla Powered RAV4 EV support

Michael Iimura rav4ev1462 at gmail.com
Fri May 28 06:11:26 HKT 2021

I am planning to work on support for the Tesla Powered 2012-2014 Toyota
RAV4 EV. I don't see any evidence of earlier work on Github. I have done
some preliminary recon and determined that only the main Toyota CAN and
Tesla CAN are needed for the desired information. Maybe K-Line for TPMS
would be nice since the car won't display pressures, but the Toyota
Techstream diagnostic software does. The most valuable information is on
the Tesla CAN and should be similar or exactly the same as other Tesla
I am just starting to gather hardware and software at this moment, but
suggestions are welcomed.

- Mike
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