[Ovmsdev] Generator / V2G metrics

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon May 24 19:38:41 HKT 2021


nice work! So the "first" once again goes to the Leaf :-)

Of course you can extend the V2 message protocol. Maybe introduce a new 
message type for that, as "S" and "D" already are quite loaded.

The grid log already contains the generator metrics and should be 
triggered by a change to the gen state metric as well. That's meant to 
log sessions though, not to transport live data.

Car support shouldn't be a parameter (= user config) though, it should 
be a property of the car adaption. Car capabilities have been on the 
rework todo list for some time.


Am 24.05.21 um 08:58 schrieb Derek Caudwell:
> Hi all,
> In case it is helpful to others here is a sample output of the V2G 

> metrics populated for the Leaf from a recent session. Note I've opted 
> for presenting the Chademo voltage, current and power output (as the 
> grid voltage and inverter efficiency is not known -external to car- 
> but nominal grid voltage could be set with a parameter and then 
> calculated).
> v.g.climit  19.8939A
> v.g.current                  
> v.g.duration.empty  533Min
> v.g.duration.range
> v.g.duration.soc
> v.g.efficiency
> v.g.generating                           yes
> v.g.kwh  0.0562549kWh
> v.g.kwh.grid
> v.g.kwh.grid.total
> v.g.limit.range
> v.g.limit.soc
> v.g.mode  standard
> v.g.pilot                  
> v.g.power 2.8275kW
> v.g.state exporting
> v.g.substate  onrequest
> v.g.temp
> v.g.time  104Sec
> v.g.timermode
> v.g.timerstart
> v.g.type  chademo
> v.g.voltage                  
> Michael, is it possible to have v.g metrics added to the V2 server 
> message format for incorporating into the ovms app?
> Is it worth having a parameter to indicate car support for V2G 
> functionality?
> Cheers Derek
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