[Ovmsdev] Server HTTP API: vehicle connect & disconnect

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Tue May 18 03:19:10 HKT 2021

By request of a user implementing an OVMS plugin for the EVCC framework 
(https://github.com/andig/evcc), I've extended the server HTTP API by 
calls to connect to and disconnect from a vehicle:


I've also added the message timestamps & ages to the other responses 
along with this, so an API client can tell if the data is fresh.

@Mark: please verify my code (I'm no perl monk) & consider updating the 
api.openvehicles.com server so the plugin can be used with that server 
as well.


Michael Balzer * Helkenberger Weg 9 * D-58256 Ennepetal
Fon 02333 / 833 5735 * Handy 0176 / 206 989 26

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