[Ovmsdev] Multi frame query

didier at ernotte.com didier at ernotte.com
Sun Mar 28 23:52:17 HKT 2021

I am investigating some PID with very long data. I am using the PID scanner for this.When I turn on the log level debug , I can see this as the first repy

D (1456677) obd2ecu: Rcv 7ec: 8 (15 df 62 48 83 0 0 0)

>From the Canbus doc, I understand that the first "1x (15)" tells me that this is the first frame of a multi frame, and the length is "5df" . The Pid scanner seems to return only "df", not "5df" data, and I can see in the log that I have around 1500 byte returned, not 220.
Any explanation ? anyone see this problem as well ?

The scan command is (I had to hack the code to allow timeout > 10sec)

re obdii scan start 1 7e4 4883 4883 -r500-7ff -t22 -x30


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