[Ovmsdev] mongoose-wolfssl

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Sun Mar 21 01:12:04 HKT 2021


> > > Sorry, been busy. Git didn't pull the updated branch now without a
> > > conflict,
> > > so I simply reset my local branch to your latest version.
> > Why was there a conflict?  Should I have done something differently?
> I didn't trace that down, was kind of expected as you rebased the branch. My
> local branch contained your old commits, which conflicted with two of the new
> files. If a published branch gets rebased, it's normally best to
> reset/recreate local branches based on that branch. A fast forward may be
> possible if the rebase was trivial, but normally isn't.

Oh, I think I understand now.  Because I had merged some commits from
my branch to master before, the rebase caused those to be reapplied
again at the end.  Clearly that rebase was a mistake.  I'm learning.

So I think the right way to make this work smoothly for everyone is
for me to cherry-pick the commits since the previous merge to master.
I have not done that before, but I'm reading the Pro Git book for

> > > I suggest taking this into edge as soon as possible.
> > What would be the best merging strategy considering that it needs to
> > go to both master and for-v3.3?
> Assuming no objections from other developers, I would first merge
> mongoose-wolfssl into master, then master into for-v3.3.

I can do for-v3.3 right after completing the merge into master, right?
I recall Mark's request for people to take care of this so he doesn't
have to.

                                                        -- Steve

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