[Ovmsdev] Tesla Powered RAV4 EV support

Michael Iimura rav4ev1462 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 12:48:14 HKT 2021


You were right on. Most of the Tesla Model S code worked straight away. I
have made a pull request for my initial work that involves only the Tesla
CAN bus on Can1. I have not even started looking at the Toyota CAN because
most of the useful stuff is already broadcast on the Tesla bus.

I pulled the cooling system temperatures and pump speed percentages and put
them in new vehicle specific metrics. I fumbled my way through copying the
method of making a vehicle specific web page from the Nissan Leaf code so
that I could display that information. However, I got stuck when populating
those metrics into the web page. The compiler throws this error for each of
my new metrics:

In static member function 'static void
OvmsVehicleToyotaRav4Ev::WebCooling(PageEntry_t&, PageContext_t&)':
error: invalid use of member
'OvmsVehicleToyotaRav4Ev::m_v_bat_cool_in_temp' in static member function
   c.printf("<p>Battery Coolant Inlet: %.1f C</p>",
In file included from
note: declared here
     OvmsMetricFloat *m_v_bat_cool_in_temp;
Anybody have a clue what I'm doing wrong here?

- Mike

On Thu, May 27, 2021 at 4:23 PM Stephen Casner <casner at acm.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 27 May 2021, Michael Iimura wrote:
> > I am planning to work on support for the Tesla Powered 2012-2014 Toyota
> > RAV4 EV. I don't see any evidence of earlier work on Github. I have done
> > some preliminary recon and determined that only the main Toyota CAN and
> > Tesla CAN are needed for the desired information. Maybe K-Line for TPMS
> > would be nice since the car won't display pressures, but the Toyota
> > Techstream diagnostic software does. The most valuable information is on
> > the Tesla CAN and should be similar or exactly the same as other Tesla
> > models.
> Welcome!  The Tesla Roadster is one of the most complete
> implementations since it was first, but the CAN protocols in later
> models are much different.  I know Mark has implemented some support
> for the Model S which should be more similar.
>                                                         -- Steve
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