[Ovmsdev] Happy discovered: I3 seems to manage 12v battery charge by itself

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Jan 16 20:45:55 HKT 2021


yes, that's typical for many (most?) EVs. It's cheap to implement, only 
needs a bit of software. Even the Twizy does it, just not with the 
initial charger firmware.

To avoid the "idling" alert, don't set the awake state during charges. 
"Awake" represents the vehicle being switched on, not automatic activity.

Also, if distinguishable, you should only set "charging12v" in that 
case, as "charging" is meant for the main battery.

Regarding the warning, the 12V maintenance charges will also use some 
energy from the main battery. Not much, but users should be aware of this.


Am 16.01.21 um 13:13 schrieb Steve Davies:
> Hi,
> Do other vehicle types also do this?
> My car was locked and parked since yesterday about 10:30 UTC.  Not 
> connected to the EVSE/charger.
> I was monitoring and I noticed that by itself it turned on the dc/dc 
> and started a 12v battery charge
> The battery was 12.6V at the time and it charged it for an hour and 
> then went back to sleep.
> Battery was bumped up to 13.2V.
> 2021-01-16T09:25:21+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.awake
> 2021-01-16T09:25:24+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.locked
> 2021-01-16T09:25:24+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.charge.state
> 2021-01-16T09:25:24+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.charge.12v.start
> ...
> 2021-01-16T09:26:42+0000 ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/b/12v/current -9.52
> 2021-01-16T09:26:42+0000 ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/b/12v/voltage 14.72
> 2021-01-16T09:26:42+0000 ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/e/charging12v yes
> ...
> 2021-01-16T09:40:20+0000 ovms/CAA5060/notify/alert/vehicle.idle 
> Vehicle is idling / stopped turned on
> 2021-01-16T09:40:20+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event notify.alert.vehicle.idle
> ...
> 2021-01-16T10:25:33+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.charge.12v.stop
> ...
> Chart in localtime (+0200):
> image.png
> I did wonder if this would trigger the car warning "Battery 
> discharging while stopped" but it did not.
> So if the car manages the 12v battery I will adjust the warning in my 
> docs about discharging the 12v battery by leaving the OVMS connected.
> Steve

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