[Ovmsdev] Happy discovered: I3 seems to manage 12v battery charge by itself

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Sat Jan 16 20:13:23 HKT 2021


Do other vehicle types also do this?

My car was locked and parked since yesterday about 10:30 UTC.  Not
connected to the EVSE/charger.

I was monitoring and I noticed that by itself it turned on the dc/dc and
started a 12v battery charge

The battery was 12.6V at the time and it charged it for an hour and then
went back to sleep.
Battery was bumped up to 13.2V.

2021-01-16T09:25:21+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.awake
2021-01-16T09:25:24+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.locked
2021-01-16T09:25:24+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.charge.state
2021-01-16T09:25:24+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.charge.12v.start
2021-01-16T09:26:42+0000 ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/b/12v/current -9.52
2021-01-16T09:26:42+0000 ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/b/12v/voltage 14.72
2021-01-16T09:26:42+0000 ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/e/charging12v yes
2021-01-16T09:40:20+0000 ovms/CAA5060/notify/alert/vehicle.idle Vehicle is
idling / stopped turned on
2021-01-16T09:40:20+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event notify.alert.vehicle.idle
2021-01-16T10:25:33+0000 ovms/CAA5060/event vehicle.charge.12v.stop

Chart in localtime (+0200):

[image: image.png]

I did wonder if this would trigger the car warning "Battery discharging
while stopped" but it did not.

So if the car manages the 12v battery I will adjust the warning in my docs
about discharging the 12v battery by leaving the OVMS connected.

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