[Ovmsdev] Getting data off the OVMS unit and archived

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Tue Jan 12 00:09:21 HKT 2021


What do people do to retain data from OVMS for later review and analysis?
Are there any projects around for longer term analysis?

I see the ovms_historicalmessages table and I assume I can find docs on
those record types and what all the fields are.

But I have Influxdb and Homeassistant / openenergymonitor / NodeRed so my
inclination would be to push all the data in there since InfluxDB can do
nice time analysis of data.

It looks like data is only sent to the server once per minute - so I'm not
going to be getting things like motor power, speed, throttle position at a
high resolution?

On the mqtt side is it sent at the same rate?

Is there any existing method to collect high resolution samples but send in
a chunk each minute, or dump once back in wifi range?

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