[Ovmsdev] GMAIL is unhappy about receiving an inbound mail from the list with my email as from

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Mon Jan 11 23:23:46 HKT 2021


In case anyone is interested, my problem with sending to the list from
gmail is actually like so:

- I send to the list - it's actually delivered to the mail expander fine.
- Expander sends the mail back to me (and presumably to everyone else)
- Gmail decides this incoming mail is suspicious.  That's fair since it has
a gmail message id and comes from my own email address.
- GMail quarantines the inbound message
- But Gmail quarantine admin page shows this quarantined mail as
"Outbound".  That is wrong, it's actually inbound.

Cue lots of confusion.

Seems to fix I need to whitelist the mailman address in my
gmail advanced setup.

Holding thumbs.
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