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 Hi Michael,
Even if I used to be a good programmer, and I can still read a C++ application even if I did not programmed in C++ since more than 20 years, I've never been a "hacker", so this is quite new to me. 
I have ran the couple of command you gave me : 
- the copen scan does not do anything- the "obdii can1 request broadcast 0100", (and 0120, 0140, 0160, 0180...) returned a 32 bits that I can decode to identify which PID is supported, but only one ECU (7df) answered to the broadcast. I guess there is many other, but they don't respond to the broadcast.  
I don't understand why the "re obdii scan start 1 7df 0 20" does not give me an anser for the identifyed PID of the previous "broadcast" command .In the broadcast command, when we send "0100", the first byte seems to be a "mode", and the second the PID, is it correct ? (as described in the vehicle.h).I still don't see how I can have a full list of ECU ID, and a full list of PID for each ECU. Maybe that is why retro engineering is complex, 
I don't also understand the impact of selecting a vehicle in the web session. Since my Jaguar is not supported yet, I select the OBDII car , but if I select the nissan leaf, I can see more data, which does not make sense, unless we ned to "wake up" some ECU in order to pull some info. Is the OVMS device masking some data in the bus? how can I see everything on the bus ?Thanks for your help.I will definitively take a look at your new page.


    Le lundi 4 janvier 2021 15 h 28 min 10 s UTC−5, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de> a écrit :  

Am 31.12.20 um 10:47 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> Most OBD2 devices won't respond to broadcasts though. To identify 
> them, you need to send a test request to all CAN IDs in your assumed 
> ID range. The scan tools for this are below "re obdii scan":

I've just added a first UI for that scanner: 

Feedback is welcome.


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