[Ovmsdev] Time for release 3.2.016?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Feb 22 02:28:23 HKT 2021


I finally found some time to test the mongoose-wolfssl branch. Three 
issues so far…

The first isn't related to the Mongoose wolfSSL change, just stumbled 
upon it because I did some "before" tests. So this currently applies to 
the wolfSSH/SSL update in "master" as well:

Each ssh connect on my test module leaks 88 bytes of RAM in the NetMan task:

D (158332) ssh: SSH command request: stat
OVMS# mo me
Free 8-bit 72088/268932, 32-bit 6672/11028, SPIRAM 3988500/4194252
OVMS NetMan           0    964      0     84         +0    +88 +0     +0

The same leak is in the wolfSSL version.

Second is, the Mongoose/wolfSSL version doesn't validate CA certs the 
mbedTLS version has no issues with:

I (340220) ovms-server-v2: Connection is ovms.dexters-web.de:6870 TEST1
E (340670) ovms-server-v2: mg_connect(ovms.dexters-web.de:6870) failed: 
Invalid SSL CA cert
E (340670) ovms-server-v2: Status: Error: Connection failed

Third, and probably the most disappointing one: the Mongoose/wolfSSL 
version uses more memory, not less. After booting, the module has ~3.5K 
less of 8 bit RAM available than with the mbedTLS version.


OVMS# mo me
Free 8-bit 73196/268928, 32-bit 6672/11028, SPIRAM 3988540/4194252


OVMS# mo me
Free 8-bit 69676/266084, 32-bit 6672/11028, SPIRAM 3988540/4194252

Is it possible there still are other components using mbedTLS?


Am 18.02.21 um 08:56 schrieb Stephen Casner:
> Well, it turns out that Mongoose also has an OpenSSL library
> abstraction layer as an alternative to MBEDTLS, and wolfSSL has an
> OpenSSL compatibility layer.  I have verified that we can plug the two
> together without bloodshed.  I've made a mongoose-wolfssl branch with
> this change implemented, but I have not tested it thoroughly.  I can
> run server v2 and make connections to it through the app and the
> server -- that uses SSL now, right?
> I have also not done anything to reduce or remove MBEDTLS yet.  I
> don't know if there are other dependencies.
> Please check it out.
>                                                          -- Steve

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