[Ovmsdev] Using the BMW Connecteddrive API from OVMS

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Fri Feb 19 17:58:10 HKT 2021

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.  I agree that such a thing should be opt-in and
respect the preference of users like you.

For me the biggest annoyance is that I can't find a way to wake up the car
from the OBD2.  So this seems like a way to do it Perhaps there is a way
and I need to go back to experiments.

If I can find the number of the SIM somewhere perhaps it would be
sufficient to send it an SMS in the right structure directly and that would
be enough to kick the car to life.

My car indeed is a long way from home but it does love the mild climate of
Cape Town - never snow, frost and rarely single digit temperatures.  I have
been in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dortmund - and Germany is a very
interesting place.


On Fri, 19 Feb 2021 at 10:54, Chris van der Meijden <chris at arachnon.de>

> Hi Steve,
> great job you are doing on the i3 :-)
> I would like to suggest to keep a feature using BMW's REST API optional in
> your module. Ideally as "OPT-IN" from the WebUI.
> OVMS users like me use OVMS as a complete replacement for any "calling
> home" functionallities by the manufacturer. For privacy reasons I don't
> want to be forced to set up an account at the manufacturer. I think OVMS
> should best be useable without forcing the user to have to register with
> the manufacturer (and therefor will be tracked by the manufacturer). If a
> user decides to do so, no problem. But the module should be able to work
> without connection to the manufacturer, I believe.
> Again, great job you are doing. My neighbor owns an i3. He is thinking
> about using OVMS now too :-)
> Greetinx from Bavaria (50km away from Munich)

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