[Ovmsdev] GPS theft alert

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sat Feb 13 02:25:08 HKT 2021

On 2/12/21 1:28 AM, sharkcow wrote:
> I got the theft alert again last night, the car had been standing for
> several hours... so at least in my case I would think the alert trigger
> is too sensitive compared to the resolution/accuracy of the GPS 
> measurement.

I also got a theft alert last night. Considering that I had never seen 
this alert until a few weeks ago it feels like something has changed. 
This includes the vehicle_cadillac_c2_cts which until a few days ago was 
not updating StandardMetrics.ms_v_env_on->SetValue() (which I believe 
maps to v.e.on?) And looking at OvmsLocations::CheckTheft() it's not 
even clear to me that a vehicle module that never sets ms_v_env_on can 
even trigger an alert?!?!

     void OvmsLocations::CheckTheft()
       if ((m_park_latitude == 0) && (m_park_longitude == 0)) return;
       if (StandardMetrics.ms_v_env_on->AsBool()) return;

I browsed changes to ovms_location.cpp over the last months and if 
anything I would think it was less likely to get a theft alert.

It's difficult for me to see how upgrading my esp32 hardware could be 
causing this especially since the gps hardware is in the simcom. My GPS 
antennas haven't changed recently; the Cadillac is using the onstar 
antenna in the sharkfin on the roof and the Corvette is using the 
onestar antenna in the passenger windshield onstar brick. Reception is 
good in my garage, both cars are usually tracking ~8 satellites. I also 
have gps installed in my garage that I use for ntpd timekeeping -- there 
is aluminized insulation in the roof of my condo that all but blocks the 
signal but nothing like that in the garage roof.

On 2/12/21 1:35 AM, Michael Balzer wrote:
 > Please check your "L" log at the time of the alert: what did your GPS
 > data look like just before the alert?

Do I need to turn on logging to the sdcard to see this? As far as I know 
I'm not doing any logging right now.


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